Request a Second Opinion from Foothills Urology

Getting a second opinion can help reassure you of your doctor’s treatment recommendations or provide new insights into additional treatments. The highly experienced urology surgeons at Foothills Urology are pleased to offer medical second opinions within 5 business days.

When/Why to Seek a Medical Second Opinion

Some of the reasons you may seek a second opinion include:

  • Confirm a diagnosis
  • Help you decide on a course of treatment
  • Learn about other treatment options
  • You are deciding about a costly or risky test or treatment such as a surgery
  • Get perspectives from experts in different medical disciplines


To request a second opinion, please fill out this form and our office will contact you to schedule your second opinion appointment. In most cases, we are able to provide second opinions within 5 days.

When you come to your second opinion appointment, you’ll need to bring your medical records and any test results related to the condition or procedure for which you’re seeking a second opinion. We can help you retrieve copies of your records, which we can discuss at the time we help you make an appointment for a second opinion with Foothills Urology.

Thank you for considering Foothills Urology to provide a second opinion.