Denver ED Specialists Treat Men of All Ages

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 30 million U.S. men, including more than 280,000 men in the Denver area. Nearly 70 percent of all men over age 70 experience ED. But it might surprise you to learn that an estimated one-quarter of men with newly diagnosed ED are under age 40, according to a 2013 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Because most men think they’re the only one suffering erectile dysfunction, they are often too embarrassed to seek treatment despite that fact that many effective treatment options are available in Denver. For ED problems that are occasional vs. consistent and persistent, the causes are more likely to be psychological than physical. That being said, there are many health conditions and medications — as well as lifestyle issues — that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The most common causes of ED in men under age 40:

  • Physical trauma, such as a sports injury or a spinal cord injury
  • Cigarette, alcohol, and drug use (including steroids)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid and pituitary issues
  • Relationship issues/performance anxiety

The most common causes of ED in men ages 50 to 70:

The most common causes of ED in men over age 70:

  • Chronic conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Medications for high blood pressure
  • Surgery on the prostate, bladder, colon or rectum
  • Prostate cancer treatment
  • Hormone problems, including low testosterone
  • Age-related changes, such as decreased concentration of elastic fibers and smooth muscle fibers in the penis